About Us

We are a community of iOS developers, hobbyist and enthusiasts. We began hosting a monthly virtual happy hour in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and have since grown into an amazing community. Here’s some statistics about our community:


Attendees come to our event to meet fellow developers around the world, learn how to position themselves for a new job, and hear about career opportunities. The atmosphere is casual and organic, allowing participants of varying backgrounds to feel welcome and continue to come back each month.

We take pride in being a resource for the iOS community. Paul Hudson, founder of hackingwithswift.com and YouTube creator, said iOS Dev Happy Hour is one of the ways to become an iOS developer. Sean Allen, iOS developer and YouTube creator, talks about how iDHH is the best way to network as an iOS developer.

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Sponsorship Levels

Virtual Events

Below are the sponsorships we offer for our virtual events. Sponsorships are priced on a per-event basis, and we host one event per month. If you are interested in sponsoring more than one event, let us know!

Event Sponsor

$2,000 gets you:

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$1,000 gets you: